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30 min          $59
60 min          $85
90 min          $125


Massage Modalities

Remedial Massage – is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. In a typical session we will discuss your presenting symptoms, identify their root cause, and use techniques such as trigger point therapy (pressure on “knots”), stretches, and kneading of the muscles to encourage healing.

Myofascial Dry Needling – a popular modality, sometimes referred to as ‘western acupuncture’ – whereby an acupuncture needle  is inserted into the trigger points of a muscle to initiate a twitch response – your body instantly recognises that you have tension in that muscle, and sets about relaxing and repairing that area immediately. This technique is great for super tight muscles, tennis elbow, some cases of arthritis, and to help with sports related muscle soreness. I love it because it’s so quick and the effects are long lasting.

Sports Massage – is very similar to remedial massage – but usually focuses on an area of injury or hindrance. Assessment and treatment procedures are just like a remedial massage – and exercise suggestions and practice can be explored to help build weak muscles and stretch tight ones to re-establish equilibrium and optimal posture and muscle tone.

Pregnancy Massage – Many people believe that pregnant women need to be treated with kid gloves – and I agree with respect, that pregnant women deserve to feel good! Bodies change dramatically with pregnancy, and often lower back and shoulder pain emerge as a result of these changes. Pregnancy massage can help address your sore muscles in much the same way as a regular massage – though a side-lying position is adopted to ensure greater comfort and safety.

Relaxation & Reiki Massage – For those whose aim is to de-stress and have some time for peace and relaxation, I do offer relaxation and reiki massage sessions also. I aim for a calm environment, aromatherapy oil blends and soothing music to help you drift off and unwind. (Please note: you cannot claim this massage modality on most health funds as it is not therapeutic. Also, this absolutely not a sexual or sensual treatment.)

I am also trained in trigger point therapy and lymphatic drainage massage.